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lostfish #art #artwork #artist - I LOVE LostFish's artwork ♥

How have I never discovered Lostfish before? These works are RAD! Lostfish is from France and is completely self-taught. Ah- Maze- ing.

i love collages! And this one is an amazing work. the draw of the rest of the face is totally beautifull

Do this with photography, double exposure 'freddie' by NYC mixed media artist Veronica Leto. ACEO x in. This very interesting image took lots of research to locate! via evey in orbit on Etsy

MARK RYDEN http://www.widewalls.ch/artist/mark-ryden/ #MarkRyden #popsurrealism #paintings  "The Tree of LIfe"

“The Tree of Life” by Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden will be offering a new, limited edition lithographic poster on Thursday, October at a. Mark Ryden’s “The Tree of Life” painting will be on exhibition in “The Artist.

Oversized Art - this room has so much colour!

Oversized Art

room by Miles Redd, designer & creative director for Oscar de la Renta not sure if im a but i love the fact the painting makes you want to look designs design decorating interior house design

This one is Crocodile Is Eating My Sorrow, Hsiao Ron Cheng, but it reminds me a lot of a beautiful print I have called Albino Alligator by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Crocodile Is Eating My Sorrow, Hsiao Ron Cheng. Illustrates the phrase my Mother used to use about Crocodille Tears


The Teardrop Poems

Tears are a gift from God. They can either be for great joy or great sadness. It’s healthy to shed tears, so cry if you must. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to smile again.

hannah hoch collage eyes lips fingernails pop mash leggings inspiration

Accidental Mysteries, A Weekly Gallery of Images: Observatory: Design Observer

The shapes and shadows from the kid make the artwork seem 3-D. The child is popping out of the paper at you.

Surreal Paintings Ripping Through the Canvas

Artist Jim Warren& surreal paintings for his ongoing series titled Ripping portrays children and disembodied adult hands ripping through the canvas into a

Inspired by the wonderful milagros charms on a lot of the folk art I saw in Mexico last week. This lovely girl has many of them adorning her dress, surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Milagros cha...

Milagros: Mariposas art print by Jasmine Becket-Griffith butterfly charms latina folk art mexico mexican princess

Queen Bee Reads a Love Letter   11 X 14 print by meluseena on Etsy, $33.25

Queen Bee reads a love letter - Lisa Falzon (this artist work looks a lot like Nicoletta Ceccoli's work)