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The Quran-Coaching is the best platform for the quran learning by taking online…

Don't yearn too much for the worldly stuff. Say Alhamdulillah for what you already have.


Five Golden Tips to increase our Iman! Read the Quran daily. Performing Salah on time. Be in good company and get away from bad company. Standing up for Night Prayer. Making a lot of Dua's and always asking Allah for guidance an constancy.

subhan ALLAH #ALLAHU ALBAR #la ilaha ill Allah

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لا اله الا الله ♡♥ محمد رسول الله  #اللهم_صل_وسلم_على_نبينا_محمد #we_love_prophet_mohammad #حب_ونصرة_وتعظيم_لمحمد_ﷺ #حبيبي_يا_رسول_الله #صلوا_عليه #ﷺ

لا اله الا الله ♡♥ محمد رسول الله #اللهم_صل_وسلم_على_نبينا_محمد #we_love_prophet_mohammad #حب_ونصرة_وتعظيم_لمحمد_ﷺ #حبيبي_يا_رسول_الله #صلوا_عليه #ﷺ

"Love comes before obedience." ~Shaykh Ahmed Babikir

Solidarity Gaza on

bintaburahma: “They sleep, eat, pray and live in Shifa hospital in Gaza city. Miracle workers and eyewitnesses. 13 July 2014 ” Our uncelebrated heros ”