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I love mexican food.plus my mom makes the real Mexican food cause she lived there!

Well duh umm no lol I wasjt feeling da best haha sorry if I was a downer at the end... Ugh my bad... Lol I suck haha that's how u looked XP so I just acted the same as u but that was like a awesome day so much fun XP lol u made it so much better!? And apparently not grounded cause it was misunderstanding they just thought I was fighting with them on the phone... Idk lol

I do eat more than i should but i don't eat mcdonalds that often (Fast Metabolism Quotes)

#thatsmylittlefact     i seriously am, i can never stop eating. i must always have food!! @Niall Horan if you are looking for someone who eats a lot...I'm right here!! Just ask my friend @Savvy

My friends know this for a fact but I still stay skinny I. But I don't really care how skinny I am all I care about is food and family and friends :)