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Remarkable animals photo manipulations by HumanDescent

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Bunnog or Donny by HumanDescent on DeviantArt

This adorable fellow is the Equatorial "Hippopotamaus", (hippo=horse, potamus=river, maus=the German word for mouse, so "river horse mouse"! Its wide, blunt snout and low-set, rounded ears give this small, tail - less rodent ( about 3 inches long and weighing 2 ounces on average) an undeniable resemblance to the giant African Hippopotamus!

Hippopotamouse - so much worse than a normal mouse.

Koalasky by Chris Lonneux, via Behance | Alternate animals ...

Koalasky by Chris Lonneux, via Behance

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20 Bizarre Animals That You Never Knew Existed animals animal animal pictures cool animals. The Mantis Shrimp can see 15 colors.

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Crazy Photoshop makings, Amazing animals, White Tiger dog

Are you looking for some of the exciting looking Photoshop Animal Photography?

Photoshopped Animal Hybrids | 35 Weirdest Animals Of The World

Photoshop manipulation can make weird and strange photos of animals. I'm truly amazed by looking at these weirdest animals.

Aw! I just LOVE little baby Pigcoons!

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They are pretty amazing little creatures. Sky Puppies.

Just showing some love for bats<<I want a sky puppie too

Mein lieblingsbild hase....

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What you lookin

What you lookin

Birdy Chuckdeer

Birdy Chuckdeer

Christmas, even the dogs all change

Mean Frenchie funny cute pets dog gifs french bulldog frenchie cool images