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La la land

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La La Land

I cannot express enough how the cinematography of La La Land capturing the look of the early colored films made me feel upon first sight.

La La Land #lalaland #ryangosling #emmastone

I saw the movie "La La Land" the other night and my brain is still buzzing. A movie has not affected me so much since "The Artist" in

Christmas in La La Land

Don't miss this fabulous La La Land trailer! An uplifting musical with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and John Legend- and now you know it can't go wrong!

My overall lighting look. Maybe to ambitious. watch it though.

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La La Land

A story for anyone who’s ever dared to dream and love. See Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone in “The Best Movie of (Entertainment Weekly) LA LA LAND is NOW PLAYING in theaters

It's OK to Listen to Ryan Gosling Sing "City of Stars" Over and Over

It's OK to Listen to Ryan Gosling Sing "City of Stars" Over and Over

Over the years, the Oscar telecast has neglected to show clips from the nominated performances, which has always bugged me - partly because .