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Broke my heart. #tvd  SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ FURTHER  He comes back in season 6. BUT Elena has had Alaric compell away her memories of loving him! But they haven't kissed yet which I'm almost positive will bring them back :)

The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore "The fact that I get to die knowing that I was loved not just by anyone, by you, Elena Gilbert"

Elena hallucinating Damon in her grief

Elena hallucinating Damon in her grief. This was such an emotional episode.

Pin for Later: 33 Delena GIFs That Prove Their Love Will Endure Forever This public display of affection.

This public display of affection.

- Delena kisses season 5 from the story the Vampire Diaries Gifs by mrslogem (Damon Salvatore) with reads.

Caroline and Klaus in Season 3

Will Klaroline's Story Continue On 'The Originals'? Star Joseph Morgan Reveals He Was Surprised By The 'TVD' Twist

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6

Damon is back. Damon makes Stefan lie about what happened to Bonnie. Alaric tries to get Elena to let him lift the compulsion. He promises.