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Rustic twig support for peonies or other floppy plants.soooo much nicer than the crappy green metal ones I have!

Turning Junk Mail into Gardeners Gold

Turning Junk Mail into Gardeners Gold! Shred your junk mail, old bills personal papers and add them to your compost pile.

Seed Starters out of Paper Pulp... • shredded paper • water • blender • muffin tin

Seed Starters out of Paper Pulp - Shredded paper, water, blender and a muffin tin. Seed starters dry & ready for some soil!

Strawberry Planter from pallets

Strawberry Planter

Strawberry Planter from pallets

DIY Garden Trellis Projects • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!

DIY Garden Trellis Projects

Keep plant care tags on a binder ring for easy reference

Portable Garden

Plant info on a ring - love this idea for keeping info about your garden plants together.

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great idea for peonies!

Copper Pennies before 1982 help keep algae from growing in bird bath...

To keep algae growth from your bird bath drop some pre 1982 copper pennies in. I use 7 pennies for a normal size bath. Pre 1982 contained more copper. What a clever idea, I didn't know this!

I'm using my excess bamboo to make tomato cages.  Okay, yes, I know I need to do a bit of weeding.  I've been a little busy, but that's next...

Homemade bamboo tomato cages (Cost: $0)

DIY Bamboo tomato cages -We cut down a whole bunch of bamboo from neighbor who was over run with it and wanted gone! Now we use it for our trellis and tomatoes and beans!


How To Make Your Own Wattle Garden Beds theownerbuilderne. These handwoven planters will cost you nothing except a walk in the woods. Would you like some at your place? - Gardening And Patio

Movable seat for raised bed gardens -- Really need this!!

DIY Raised Garden Bed Seat – Step-by-step tutorial with instructions on how to make a movable “seat” for more comfortable access when tending or enjoying your raised garden bed. Great for adults & children. More DIY garden ideas @ themicrogardener.

101 Tips, Problem Solvers and Dollar Stretchers for Organic Gardeners: This page divulges 101+ gardening secrets that the pros, retailers and giant chemical corporations don't want you to know.

101 Gardening Secrets Experts Never Tell You

Gardening Secrets: 101 Tips, Problem Solvers and Dollar Stretchers for Organic Gardeners. If you're looking to learn some gardening secrets including ways to solve problems and stretch garden budgets, you've come to the right place.