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Not sure which is more stunning. Those eyes or his "milk-stash" against that dark tortoise shell coloring, but what a beauty!

I picked dis flower for you...  (via Photo 212)

I picked dis flower for you. * * " Noawz, I lied. I'm collecting these to make dandy-lion wine.

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photogenicfelines: (KaraleeScouten) Darling your eyes are beautiful.

The Ultimate CAT CARE Guide

Daenerys: Rank: Spirits of the Mountains Second In Command Alive or Dead: Dead fluffy dilute calico mainecoon she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye, scottish and british accent

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"Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want." --Joseph Wood Krutch

* * " Arrogance be a creature. It haz noes senses. It haz only de sharp tongue and pointin' finger.

( Garden Picture) * * GREY TABBY: " Nowz I ask ya. Does any of dis arounds me resemble a garden in anys way?"

all the sweet prettiness of life


Love this kitty--british shorthair silver tabby.

* * BLACK KITTEH: " Yoo kin fool yer friends into thikin' yoo haz a social life by notz Tweetin' fer several hours." ------------------- BROWN TABBY: " Didz me hear dat rightz?"

South Philly window cats, kitty in a window, reflections, nosy, curiousity…

cat with eyes locked on something

15 felines with expressive faces

Cats teeth and why cleaning your cats’ teeth is so important check this amazing photo from Katzenworld

Deffensive about her clan.

Let me introduce to you Polly's new kitten friend Emma.

One for the cat file.

Excuse me I’m cleaning my paws

adorable ginger kitten licking its paw

"Have you REALLY done enough for your cat today?"

"Have you REALLY done enough for your cat today?

"Sweater: n. A garment worn by a child when his Mother is feeling chilly." --Ambrose Bierce

* * " I knowz de four seasons. I knowz it's winter. I knowz yer gonna take dis blasted scarf off meez or haz to gets sutures at de local E.