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Hunterus Heroicus :)

Hunterus Heroicus and Grotesques Villianus

My favorite movie and favorite show into one beautiful clip

a transformer wrote that? I wonder if he knows about Megatron because of Ben? He knows about Transformers because he's Dean. And contrary to popular belief, Dean is a geek. A adorable, beautiful, hilarious geek.

Supernatural, I swear I've sold my soul to this cast, can they be any more perfect.

Best photos of the week (61 photos)

"Eat it Twilight!" Totally photoshopped but still great

Thank you dean winchester. You are definitely my hero. Twilight is terrible. i didn't even see that in the movie

Jensen hanging out behind the scenes.

Jensen Ackles being set up for his Hell scene in Supernatural. He's done interviews about how painful this was but look at how calm and collected he still is.