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Omggg loved your halloween Diy Video! But look what i made hope you can find all of them! Haha @Bethany Mota

Omggg loved your halloween Diy Video! Haha Mota da pretties minion I have ever seen

Mylifeaseva is a great youtuber she's funny and takes amazing videos that are fun to watch!! She also has great lighting and video quality! I totally prefer her if your looking for a new and bright youtuber!!

Mylifeaseva: a great new you tuber who is fresh-and a great person - love her SO MUCH !

Bethany Mota <3

Bethany Mota=Perfection and so many ways to describe her in a good way so she is just spectacular

Pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting video!!! can't wait to make these for my boyfriend <3

BethBakes: Pumpkin Cookies with Caramel Frosting! - My pumpkin cookie inspiration! I made 82 of these last Thanksgiving!

Bethany :) best songs in this video. East of Eden from zella day and shower from becky g. Listen to them and then watch her video.

I love you soooooooo much bethany you r my life xxxxxxx ~ made by

you have done so much in life in so little time beth!! im so proud of you! i love you so much!!!!! <3 keep up the good work! @Bethany Shoda Shoda Mota

you have done so much in life in so little time beth! also whoever sees this tag bethany down below so she could possibly see this.

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Shoda Mota credit to I love dance moms