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and all the exotic new flavors . and so do my high school students whose classroom mottos are: Suck on this, not on the test! and Don't be a Dum-Dum, suck on one!

I love how now that they are brought together again, they never let go of each other. They never want to loose each other again. This is so sweet

even though anna sang that song, i bet that's how elsa felt at the end of the movie.

Perfection. LOVED this game as a kid. I have to admit, I jumped a little when time ran out.

Perfection Board Game is a classic game that is fun for all ages. There are many versions of the classic skill game based on shapes, coordination and speed

lounge chairs that my arm or leg would get stuck in.. and being afraid of it collapsing lol

We called these lawn chairs or layout chairs.lol old school lawn chair

Plastic Bubbles....my dad used to bring these home for my sister and I.  I can still remember that awful plastic/chemical smell!

imremembering: “ Plastic Bubbles Remembered by Rachel G. ” Plastic Bubbles were the best things ever invented in life! (at least, my child mind felt this way at one time)

The game of "Cootie" ~ loved this game.

The game of "Cootie" - a bit of trivia: the name of cootie was what kids called lice in the


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Giorgio perfume. I thought this was fabulous in Jr. High!!!!!

Very loud classic perfume. The scent of this brings me right back to 1986

Sweet Spot Minis Vegan Dounts Review

Sweet Spot Minis Vegan Dounts Review (Thats a bang out of order)

The Archies - "Sugar, Sugar" (Original 1969 Music Video). "Sugar, Sugar" is one of 16 animated music segments created to be shown on "The Archie Comedy Hour" on CBS-TV in !

90s man

My aunt showed me this website! Seiber Brooklyn, noah, and I sat on it for ever watching music vids :) wonder if it's still around?