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I love all my kitties, of course. but there's always something special about those black kitties. ADOPT ONE!

Cats | Tipsögraphic | More cats tips at http://www.tipsographic.com/

Why Cats are Better than Men

Cats | Tipsögraphic | More cats tips at http://www.tipsographic.com/

21 Benefits Of Having A Cat

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There's science behind this cat magic. http://www.upworthy.com/4-brilliant-ways-cats-are-secretly-helping-their-owners-live-healthier-lives

4 brilliant ways cats are secretly helping their owners live healthier lives.

Kawaii cat breeds for the Сat-people of the world... Meow =^● ⋏ ●^=

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Traditionally, historians tended to think that ancient Egypt was the site of cat domestication, owing to the clear depictions of house cats in Egyptian paintings about 3,600 years old. Today, many of these cats are learning how to surf the web, play Facebook games and what not, as these pictures prove.

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Chat  أشوف  بعينى  ريال فضه أتخض  حتة  دين  خضه يوقع  فى  إيدى ألقاه  صدّى لا دهب حاش نحسنا؛ و لا فضه فضها ! فضها ! فضه ! فضه من  لى  بحظ  النائمين  بحفرةٍ   قامت  على  أحجارها  الصلواتُ و يقال:  هذا  القُطبُ  بابُ  المصطفى   و وسيلةٌ  تُقضى  بها  الحاجاتُ ماهو حبيى دا دلعه يدنن إنقول لَه كلمه يقول لى يحنن. يا مصرى كسك هوسنى. فضلت أعيش فى قلوب الناس (أم كلثوم) فضلت أنيك فى الاكساس. إن الله لا يستحى. إن الله لا يستحى أن يضرب مثلا منيكةً و ما  عليها. إه !  مش قلت لى:  احشد القوات فى شرم الشيخ…

Cat Spraying No More - How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox!

A cats life

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Love Cat by LilCat: this would be a cool idea as a tattoo without the heart