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18 Chulísimas maneras de adornar un diario

flowerette: “ flowerette: “ journal part 2 ” i can’t believe this has so many notes ” (Diy Photo Book)

I want to do this—it's okay to be minimalist! Stop forcing yourself to do things other ways.

Moleskin SketchbookWatercolor Illustration by Niche For the love of things…To remember…To move on…Love in everyday life,Niche

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they r tears, but they water the dryness and drought that has been growing inside of me thx to the unrelenting and cruel world that screams @ me about my flaws and imperfections 'I'm not crying, I'm just thawing outside the lines'

gibby-san: “ things have been rough ”

Travel journal pages and scrapbook inspiration - ideas for travel journaling, art journaling, and scrapbooking.