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Your friends read NerdGirlProblems because they think they are funny, but these things are serious issues to you.

Nerd Girl Problem 445 - Your Friends Read NerdGirlProblems Because They Think They Are Funny, But These Things Are Serious Issues To You.

I don't know how many times I have done this.

They keep saying these are "nerd girl" problems. I think they're "reader" problems. You don't have to be a nerd to enjoy a good book and reading doesn't make girls nerds.

Happens  to me aLL the time...

I make Supernatural references so much and my non-supernatural-watching friends get so annoyed.

The 10th Doctor, Lex from smallville, Willow from Buffy, Clay and Lucas from the otherworld book series. my list could go on... x.x

Percy Jackson Ron Weasley Leo Valdez Tobias Eaton Artemis Fowl Edmund Pevensie Peter Pevensie Ethan Wate Finnick Odair Peeta Mellark Remus Lupin and countless others…

"Remember that time when you were wrong?" "Yeah. Remember that one time you were right?"  My note:  YES

Nerd Girl Problem 343 - Deep Down In Your Heart You Believe That One Day You Will Get Super Powers. I can never decide what superpower I want though!

Nerd Girl Problems. I've definitely gone to bed in a braid to wake up with crazy hair

Hello and welcome to Nerd Girl Problems! Let out your woes- we understand :) Check out our.

Nerd Girl Problems #115

Nerd Girl Problem 115 - You Have All These Desires To Play Popular Video Games But You Don't Have The Money. Get them used, or just hook up with some gamer friends and swap them around.

Nerd Girl Problems, also crosses over with Musical Theater Nerd Girl Problems. literally the story of my life