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BTS VIXX jin ken


VIXX's Ken posted a photo of him and BTS Jin eating ice cream together

N's twitter: "I am a happy person!! Today, I am together with my Starlights and Taekwoonie, Jaehwanie, Wonsikie, Kongie, Hyokie!! Let's be together forever~ ^^(Translated by Erica @ withVIXX.com)

VIXX_N 차에네넨 on

Ravi Twitter Update | Ravi sharing a picture of him and N together for N's birthday! :D

VIXX_Ravi on

RealVIXX TWITTER UPDATE 17/3/2015 ----------나는 로빅이다. 오늘 더쇼에서 #이별공식 으로 8번째 트로피를 받은 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 별빛파워!!!

RealVIXX on

This picture is a symbol of my life because N is in the center of it

170206 #N #VIXX Twitter update

RealVIXX on

I am Rovix. Revealing a photo of Agent from pictorial shoot. Please look forward to 쎄씨(Ceci) with Agent N!