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I have a hard time saying I'm a Collins girl because whenever I think of Collins I think of mr Collins from pride and prejudice. But yes I am a Collins girl this one that is.

Merlin S5 | © Matt Holyoak/Radiotimes

Love the banner in the background. But really it should say, "Merlin save the King.

Yeeeees Omg Katie I love you ... you understand us you understand merlin fangirl that why we love you to death

I think it's safe to say that, as a whole, the entire Merlin fandom can identify with Katie in this statement. <------ I think as a whole, Kate IS the entire Merlin fandom

Their friendship is one of my favorites on the show. Tumblr

Merlin and Gwaine -- love that even after becoming Arthur's knight Gwaine was always Merlin's loyal friend

The man, the myth, the legend

I was home sick on Tuesday so I watched Netflix and I ended up flipping through Merlin episodes and turned one on. I grinned the whole time and my mom walks in and I said " I've missed their faces so much!