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A little loom

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Crispina ffrench: April 2009

Crispina ffrench: April 2009 (Medium Rag rug frame and pot holder rug)

How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom #tutorial #weaving #textiles

How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom finally found one that shows how to finsish it!

A new & better way to weave a heart on the Dewberry Ridge Heart Loom by Noreen Crone Findlay c

I have just figured out a new way of weaving hearts with the little heart loom that I designed and Gary McFarland of Dewberry Ridge Looms builds.

Daisy Hill Weaving Studio: Repairing a Broken Warp Thread on the Loom

I was weaving along on my third towel on my current warp when I noticed a loose thread. Sure enough, my nice strong warp had a broken war.

How-To Make A 6' x 4' Interactive Rug Loom: (With a pile of cloth strips from old clothes & bedding you can make yourself a OOAK rug with this.).What you need to make a Loom: Enough 1x3 board to cut two 6' lengths and two 4' lengths. 4 "L" brackets and installation screws. 224 #8x 2" construction screws, the kind with the top 1/2" smooth. Drill. Measuring tool (ruler, yardstick, etc.). Table saw or miter box and handsaw.

Of Fiber and Fuzz: The Interactive Rug Loom (and how to make your own loom.

home made cardboard loom...afternoon craft tie in to study of the Industrial Revolution and Cartwright's loom

A Beginners Attempt at Weaving With Kids

home made cardboard loom.afternoon craft tie in to study of the Industrial Revolution and Cartwright's loom

Twill weave--under 1, over 2. This is how jeans and khakis are woven! You'll see the diagonal rows emerge. Create a new shed for each shot f...

Twining--creates two-color diagonal stripes or zigzags. Start with a row of…

joining stitch

joining stitch

Tapestry-woven-on-potholder-loom-1a (c)

One of my Ravelry buddies just shared photos of a lovely little tapestry loom that he’s built. He then commented that Noreen would probably say that you can weave tapestries on her beloved po…