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brides of destruction  / Nikki Sixx

Haastattelut: Brides of Destruction / Nikki Sixx

Anyone who knows anything about me knows this ... Nikki Sixx is my idol and has been so from when I was 14 years old - and I'm so freakin' stoked that he has got his shit together these days and is kicking some serious butt ... onya Sixxter!!!

Nikki Sixx - Motley Crue, Sixx AM I think I've already pinned this one.but I can never have too much Sixx!

Nikki Sixx.   Whoa..  Look at that expression, he knows...

Boyfriend of the Week: Nikki Sixx

Xyy'nai Nikki Sixx - Music Artist (Motley Crue/bassist).

I have had the privelage of meeting him and he is such a sweetheart. And I must say when I hugged him he smelled amazing also. Motley Crue is not Motley Crue without Nikki Sixx!

Nikki Sixx & Joe Elliot... It's a childhood dream come true!

Nikki Sixx Joe Elliot - from two of the greatest bands to ever grace the universe.