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If you love socks, clap your hands. (or wiggle your toes.)  Ankortit

If you love socks, clap your hands. (or wiggle your toes.

Hyää maanantaita pitkästä aikaa! Ja hyvää Uuutavuotta myöskin!   Olen edelleen kutonut näitä polvipituisia kukkasukkia Novit...

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christienmeindertsma. I confess to a recent obsession with knitting giant things with giant yarn. Check out the article on the blog about a rug project using super bulky wool made from the wool of a single flock of sheep, one sheep at a time.

The scale is unbelievable! idaho by christien meindertsma--- My forearms get tired using my large needles or crochet hook.

Hilppa: Hilma - inspiraationa perinne

Hilppa: Hilma - inspiraationa perinne

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