If this doesnt epitomize sex symbol we don't know what would. Johnny Depp headshot from 21 Jump Street

Wow. I LOVE Johnny Depp (and by his rules, I should be divorcing my new husband and getting with Depp), but I had never before heard these incredible words of wisdom until reading a fellow Scramble with Friends player's profile icon... I was in that same exact situation some four years ago, and turns out my true love really WAS the second one... we got married 2 months ago! #LoveHurts #Truth

"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second." wise words from Johnny Depp

I don't understand people when they say they don't like him or think he's weird and a crazy person because that's a lie

The Nicest Celebrities in Hollywood

Johnny Depp Coming in at number two, Johnny Depp is all class. This guy has done so many good deeds that you would think he’s a priest. There are too many to count, but we will take a look at Johnny’s best.

PRIVATE RESORT, Johnny Depp, 1985, © TriStar

A peer of teenage buddies crash a private resort with the goal of meeting some attractive women.

you dont know.. the child he s holding is from one of his movies.

Johnny Depp Eye Candy 1

Johnny and his daughter NOT daughter, It is his niece this photo taken way before Lily-Rose was born. None of the pics with this little girl in polkadot dress is Lily-Rose they are all his niece, Magen.

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Want this tee! Johnny will always have style no matter what he wears>>> i can feel the into the woods