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~~Jar of Hearts~~ This jar represents my heart. The hearts in the jar are all of your hearts. Your hearts fill my heart spaces with your love. We fill in one another’s gaps and grow in love more perfectly.

RCA Victor Special Model K, Portable Electric Phonograph Designer: John Vassos Medium: Aluminum, various metals, plastic, felt, leather Place Manufactured: United States Dates: ca. 1935 #vinyl #records http://www.pinterest.com/djspyder/edisons-medicine-vinyl-records/

Portable Electric Phonograph c. 1935 RCA Victor Special Model K Designer: John Vassos (American, born Romania, Manufacturer: RCA (Radio Corporation of America) Brooklyn Museum

If I had no self control (and if i was independently wealthy) this is what my record collection would look like

This is an image of a literal wall of records. This photo reminds me of my need for Mastery and Autonomy. As a DJ I used to own a massive record collection and used to enjoy collecting records as a means of studying and enjoying the history of music.

Ultimate iPad Tower Station.

40 Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets for the Filthy Rich

Aero Dream One: The Tallest And The Most Expensive Music Tower Station - Pursuitist

Coffee and Cigarette. Credit to the owners.

Take Thousands Of Pictures With A Single Roll Of Film

Take Thousands Of Pictures With A Single Roll Of Film

If you are looking for something a little bit different to store all your photos or data, then have a look at these fun flash drives from the guys over at Photojojo, the Recycled Film Roll USB Drives.


CROSLEY Oval Turntable: Compatible with and records; plays and 45 rpm record speeds;