Ok first i thought it is a normal picture for harry ! He is as usual hahahaha i think harry don't know that he is beside him

Give me what I want! Active Logo Hoodies now at

Give me what I want! Active Logo Hoodies now at


Especially the dimple! :)x Seriously put a bunch of my fav things of Niall together in one post!

Omg this is totes Genessy everyday at lunch @Genessy Terrazas @Silvia Rios @Flor @Daisy Dominguez

Yes, this can't be more accurate! Exept me and my friend are freaking out and there's this one friend that's like Liam/Zayn.

Zayn is all like "oh god"

Zayn is just like "I deal with White Girl Harry Styles everyday. And then there's Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff behind Perrie and Zayn

Rock me   \m/

"One Direction - Rock Me" probably one of my favorite songs from One Direction oh wait! All of their songs are my favorite!

Boys group hug! :)<3 this was just the best! :') makes me so so so happy! GIF

The boys' group hug after they won their first award of the night at the AMA's last night (GIF)