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21 Cute Facts You Really Ought To Know About Ed Sheeran

Including: Pingu, Puss in Boots, the phrase ‘Festina Lente’, a family tree, and a section of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

Oh, you love Ed Sheeran? Haha Exactly what I think when people say this. I love Ed Sheeran - and I actually CAN mention other songs

You scribbled the anarchy symbol on all of your school supplies.

I hate people who are like,, Oh my god ed sheeran is just so amazing. Name 3 songs.Um he doesnt have 3 songs only the a team DUH! LIES LIES dont ever talk to me again.

Lion King Thor | Loki and Thor, Mufasa and Scar, Miguel and Tulio:)

The road to Eldorado! Thor and Loki! The lion king! They're pretty much my favourite movies combined *swoons*

Seeing Ed get a tattoo. | 9 Reasons To Watch The Ed Sheeran Documentary Tonight

Seeing Ed get a tattoo.