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Kyky ja Muutos - Petri Hakanen

Kyky ja Muutos - Petri Hakanen

Growth coaching model. not just for athletics either. a lot of people could learn from this

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Cute acronym to help you remember the steps of becoming a good mentor, tutor, boss or any kind of leader. There is no one right way to be a leader. You have to lead they way you and your colleagues see fit. Help them with their GROWTH.

Infographic Layout Cheat Sheet

Layout Cheat Sheet for Infographics : Visual arrangement tips

Good visual arrangement is puts together design objects in ways that attracts attention. Learn how to achieve elegant and attractive content using whitespace and layouts here (infographic)

Retailers face a huge amount of employee turnover -- due to long hours and unappealing time schedules, some antagonistic customers, boredom, etc. This is one of the biggest problems in the industry...

The Business Value Of Thank You. The Value Of Thanking Employees. The Value of Employee Appreciation.

Infographic on a Patient's Journey by Anurag Arora at Coroflot.com

[Kindly zoom to see the infographic] This is an infographic done as a classroom assignment. We were asked to map the journey of a patient to a particular hospital. It contains all the stages and possi.

Myynnin Johtaminen 5 Strategiaa - Petri Hakanen

Myynnin Johtaminen 5 Strategiaa - Petri Hakanen

11 merkkiä siitä, että johtamisen maailma taitaa kuitenkin muuttua !

11 merkkiä siitä, että johtamisen maailma taitaa kuitenkin muuttua !

In today's digital world, where a prospect has hundreds of touchpoints into your organization, it's important to use a PESO model for your PR program.

Use the PESO Model to Supercharge Your PR Program

This week, Gini Dietrich participated in the weekly hosted by Erika Heald. They discussed the PESO model, content for PR pros, and more.

infographic infographics

Farewell To A Genius: A Look Back on the Life and Times of Steve Jobs, Infographic Design