Mr. Dapper, as always <3

larygo: “None other than Martin Freeman was at the club yesterday lunchtime for a cracking Tubby Hayes gig celebration by Simon Spillett Quartet. Pics courtesy of Benjamin Amure Photography.


fortheloveofjawn: “freecrotch: “what people think when I say I like (love) Martin Freeman: what I think when I say I like(love) Martin Freeman: and also the first ones because Martin looks hot af all.

Cheap date with Martin Freeman: pretzels and industrial beer. (That's ok! I like beer and pretzels too.)

HOTSON Indeed! Wow, is they let John have this facial hair fandom would melt!

I feel like if I could construct the ideal face (features I like, etc.) it would look very, very similar to Martin Freeman's face.


Can we just take a moment to recognize how damn fine Martin Freeman looks with facial hair?