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More like I fail the tests (mostly in math) then forget what I learned.or I forget what I learned while taking the test😬😂


Education Quote: Teenager Post - Dear Teacher, If I sit next to my best friend I'll whisper to her. If you move me across the room, I'll shout to her. It's your choice.

This is pretty much me about all my memories. "Remember the time when we did blah blah blah?" "Yeah Abbey, that never happened..."

must of my childhood memories happened it's just that they were so weird. u would have thought i dreamed it!

Happens all the time! Funny & True!

Happens all the time!

Checking your phone for the time - again. (funny,quotes,phones) YES!

Or when you say "excuse me" in a store (and it wasn't your fault!) and there's no response so you say it louder...


All the time!!

Teenager post<< My mom presses the buttons, so I just walk away so no one knows I'm with her

My brain: 2 % Phone Numbers, 3 % Names, 5 % School Knowledge, 90 % Song Lyrics.