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Hi there

More like I fail the tests (mostly in math) then forget what I learned.or I forget what I learned while taking the test😬😂


Well, it REALLY starts around Jan when ur sick of school but summer is far - Sad but true. The weeks just fly by this way. You feel bad though because you feel like you should be enjoying them instead.

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

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Pssh so true they dont like you to much on the computer and therefore they dont let you go out^.

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Teenager post: when you're in bed and you can't sleep so you just lay there making mental movies of perfect scenarios in life

No, I think I actually do hate school but pretty much all of these apply.

So what I want is computers to teach us no homework no exams and for class to start at 10

its like a conspiracy... they WANT us to be fat...I mean it only takes a little bit of logic and you can see that...hmm


You comparing the cheapest burger to the not cheapest salad. Which when reversed is like comparing a big mac to a dollar salad (yes they exist, go to mcdonalds)

I hate this!!

That annoying moment when you have to keep removing you headphones because someone keeps talking to you.

All the time. And sometimes me.

Teenager Posts: Kids do this all the time and it makes me want to slap them, nobody cares if you flipped to the right page.

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They never look

My mom and on coming traffic. How am I not dead. Mom, is their a car in my blind spot. Thanks mom.

Teenager posts. This has happened to me before...

This happens to me so much like my friends will say stuff or I will watch a tv show and start saying there catch phrases and words they say and I will say the same thing

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