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Paneeliverhot paperista – Kotiliesi
Keräämme internetin hauskimmat, suloisimmat ja viihdyttävimmät mediat juuri sinua varten..
Reclaimed Pallet Wood Mountain Range Triangle Shelf by Fernweh Supply Company
Käsivarren Lapissa tajuaa, että Suomi on jotain ihan muuta kuin Helsinki. Finland in its "arm" is something else than Helsinki.
You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get unique art for your home. In fact you can do it yourself. It doesn’t matter how good you are at crafts, if you can glue something to something else you can do many of these projects. They’re fun, one of a kind, and easy to finish in a day.
Dotty's Ten Tips for Communicating with a Person Living with Dementia | Alzheimer's Reading Room
At the very least, don't call it smudging. Call it smoke cleansing. White sage is also sacred to some Native American tribes, and completely overharvested. Use something else! Mix some other stuff up! A cedar needle blend is my favorite.
Movement of piece, color  SOMETHING ELSE by NATALIE WOOD SS14 - www.seetalsolanki.com
Balmain-Resort-2013.  Seriously interesting and quirky mix of patterns.  I love stuff like this.  It may be a bit "out there" for a solo dress though.  Courage!
Pinner said: Vulcan-It may be nerdy, but it's still pretty cool. The long curves actually connect separate syllables together into words. The script was created to look like some of the props on Star Trek, and emulates if very well. It's one of the only scripts (apart from the Cherokee and Galifreyan above) to emulate the look, without emulating the function, of something else.