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How to Teach Child About Tax. Teach your kids about taxes – eat 30 percent of their ice cream


I have the "doorbell broken." Sign on my door too but never thought to add the "yell ding dong.

Even more dangerous than a real gun because husband said "that looks really fun to play with".

A Dewalt brand tool that can be used as a nail gun or a weapon to stop a home invasion.

Too funny .. of course it's a Scottie!

I can see why this drinking, smoking.skateboarding dog is banned from the park ? HD: Of course he's banned! He's smoking!

Even when its cold...hah

Funny pictures about Jimmy Johns Knows What's Up. Oh, and cool pics about Jimmy Johns Knows What's Up. Also, Jimmy Johns Knows What's Up photos.

Bad hunter

"Vegetarian" is an old indian word for bad hunter. (Sorry to my vegetarian friends. but this was funny!

Funny Pictures Of The Day  43 Pics

This was really after a smart car crash test where it was driven at 70 mph into a cement wall.


Please practice SAFE SEX and use the condom stapled to this card. Should the people who made this really be giving advice.

classroom safety haha @Krystelle Barrera @Sophie LB Vanderlecq @Emily Schoenfeld-Kate @Sherri Johnson wagenaar  @Lauren Davison Wieske  i think this is needed :)

I guess they just had to let it go because they couldn't hold it back anymore. Maybe when the class broke out in song, the teacher turned her back and slammed the door. She just let the kids rage on. This song never bothered her anyway.

inyo butte street sign, funny street signs

"I live on the corner of Inyo / Butte", what?yep, you heard that right. Bakersfield, CA


If You Are Going To Act Like A Turd Go Lay In The Yard Sign by Sawdust City. These signs are made in Wisconsin and are solid knotty pine with a smooth finish that is intended to look time worn.

Funny pictures about Canadian road sign. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian road sign. Also, Canadian road sign.