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Planters made of tomato stands. One method to create elevated heights

I have some old tomato stands that I didn't know what to do with. Planters made of tomato stands. One method to create elevated heights for potted plants in garden beds.

Flossflowers or Ageratum emits a smell which mosquitos find particularly offensive. It secretes coumarin, which is widely used in commercial mosquito repellent.  Ageratum is a perenial plant which reaches heights of 8-18” & has blue flowers, although there are varieties with pink, white & violet blooms. This plant will thrive in full or part sun & doesn't require rich soil. Good in rock gardens.Leaves can be crushed to increase  odor, its not advisable to rub directly on the skin.

5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants - Before reaching for the chemical sprays, try planting these easy-to-grow plants which have natural mosquito-repelling properties.

Village in the Spring

Agave americana variegata (Century plant) in copper container, yellow flowered Narcissus 'Honeybird', Betula nigra 'Cully' Heritage® Vitis coignetiae at Chanticleer Garden.

gelb gestrichene Kommode mit Blumen in der Schublade

I can do this type of planter. The yellow and dark blue are so pretty together. From Paint Ideas: Antique Sewing Box Planter

A path of soft green grace meanders through this terraced garden. - Photo: Rob Cardillo

When even pros couldn’t salvage a dismal yard, a Pennsylvania couple created a glorious garden oasis