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Vom Sinn befreiter Picdump #514

Writing Prompt-Their hands met reaching for the same book-June 2016-Romance Prompts

" She said grabbing the book as fast as she could." He yelled back. "This is the last organic chem book left!

I stared at him. "Yeah. I guess you can't lose something you don't have, huh." This is why I don't like people.

"Look at you, sacrificing yourself for others! I had thought you lost your moral code" Dialogue Prompt

Writing Prompt

Writing prompt - Not when her face was made ugly by scars that had cut nearly to the bone. No one looked at her or paid her any mind. That made her practically invisible, that made her dangerous.

Un enfant est né avec une imagination si forte qu'elle déborde dans la réalité.

writing prompt (this reminds me of Amy Pond who grew up with a crack in her wall so she could remember people that never existed and bring them to life just by thinking of them) <- That and the Anti-Christ from Supernatural

dialogue prompt

One good reason.

dialogue prompt