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The Super Solider, a couple of Master Assassins, Iron Man, the Demigod, and Hulk

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The only movie archer to ever run out of arrows. And only after a ridiculously long amount of time I might add. <<< did you see his quiver (is that what it's called? The holdy-arrow thing) though? It had a ridiculous number of arrows

Th Hulk is the best

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It should say; Genius, Billionaire, "Playboy", Philanthropist, for Bruce.

What my friend sent me when I asked him why he loves batman.

Anthony died along with so many other friends. I left Camp Half-Blood… Fanfiction

映画『アベンジャーズ THE AVENGERS』ポスター(8)  ▼ポスター画像クリックで拡大します。

What's your fav Avenger?

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With the long-awaited release of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" later on today at midnight, we figured it'd be fitting to preface the occasion with some…

Alien poster by Harnois75.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Alien poster by on DeviantArt (Poster (with text) for the 1979 Ridley Scott film 'Alien') <<-- I always loved that line: "In space no one can hear you scream"

The Avengers Assemble! by andyparkart on deviantART

Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent Phillip "Phil" Coulson (Avengers concept art)