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Horkýže Slíže - A Ja Sprostá

Horkýže Slíže - A Ja Sprostá

What's about Pearl Jam???

i chose this image as it is the logos of bands who are likely to be featured in my magazine.I may use this to advertise and promote these bands.

Cinderella band | Cinderella (band) Cinderella

Cinderella is an American glam metal and hard rock band from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band emerged in the with a series of multi-platinum albums and hit singles whose music videos received heavy MTV rotation.

Vorm: tweedimensionale vorm, de smiley is organisch de tekst is geometrisch, het is symmetrisch want de smiley kan je doormidden doen en hij blijft hetzelfde   Kleur: niet-kleur (zwart), primaire kleur (geel), warm-koud contrast want zwart is koud en geel is warm

The most influential band in rock history. Nevermind is their best album, in my opinion. Amazing and crazy band.P Kurt Cobain.

Apprenez à jouer le morceau " We Are The Champions " de #Queen à la guitare avec MyMusicTeacher : https://youtu.be/l7eg1uHCocI

QUEEN "Love of my life" Queen. My friend Ronnie I sneaked home from college to see them in the fall of 1976 when they came to St. It was truly an experience, one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Shhhh, mom still doesn't know!

Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction * Poster *

☯☮ॐ American Hippie Music ~ Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction * Poster *