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the afro this sistah is sportin' sho 'nuff screams ORIGINAL & TRUE love it!

Although natural hair is becoming more and more common, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. Here MoTown Girl explores 12 common natural hair myths

Natural hair girls win!  teamblackhurromg   In order for me to fully own by power, I must go through the process to get to the position I desire and deserve. It amazes me that after a week of no mundane routines at a job, I find that I must be more diligent than ever. It's all a part of my journey... Thank you Universe, I am grateful for this moment of clarity. Natural hair girls win!

6 "Must Have" Natural Hair Products 2016 [Video]

Finger Coils On 4C Hair | Found on

Wanna see 101 AMAZING short hairstyles for black women & natural hairstyles that you can try today? Whether you've done a big chop or simply want to look.