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Tried and true logic: buy new shoes.  #quote (Pre-WFH job, this was sound logic. But now I barely ever even wear shoes at all...)

New shoes flowchart

Ikr! Lol

Teenager Post I walk down the street with music in my ears and feel like I'm in a music video.

a funny quotes jerry sienfeld

What I don't understand is how women can pour hot wax on their bodies, let it dry, then rip out every single hair by its root and still be scared of spiders. - Jerry Seinfeld makes perfect sense to me.

this is for every time someone tells me that the reason i'm single is because i'm "too picky."

Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want.

Random Funny Definitions (30 Pics)

Funny pictures about The definition of poor. Oh, and cool pics about The definition of poor. Also, The definition of poor photos.

Story of my life

Sanity turns to Vanity.

Funny pictures about My version of flirting. Oh, and cool pics about My version of flirting. Also, My version of flirting photos.

I don't play stupid though.

Literally every day of my life. i always have to explain that I'm not a creeper. i just have a photographic memory!


Sad face :( That sad sad sad moment when check the price tag and slowly walk away.

guilty as charged!

I totally do this, except I never thought of it being"socially acceptable", just whether it is an easy typo or completely dumb mistake!

"What are you waiting on?"  "The light to change."  "Um, Carla...it's a stop sign."  Stuff happens.

"turning down the music in your car when looking for a street sign because yout hink it will somehow make you see it better." Bahaha Did this yesterday .

b for bel: You can't make someone love you, but...

You can't make somebody love you. You can only stalk them and hope for the best.