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This is too right!

Its so true.that's why I ask her to wrap all the presents. the ones for her I ask my dad to wrap

Haha, i do this to everyone i dont like...or if i feel like being crabby that day to certain people hehe

no matter how funny you are, if i don't like you, i won't laugh

I raise my hand just for the reason that teachers don't call on kids with their hands raised

That is true I mean I am the Historian of my student council and I did cheer I do swim I do read a lot so yeah

when i'm bored, nobody texts me. when i'm busy, i'm the most popular person on the planet. hahaha LOL SO TRUE!

Always mylifeasshelby teenager posts

story of my life. haha ya and right when they leave the car I automatically lock the all the doors!

my sentiment...exactly.  Think before you speak.  How 'bout..."That outfit really brings you into focus."  Wow!

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