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I dyed my hair too much and I had to cut off 8 inches of it so now it's up to my shoulders :( and I started swim team so the chlorine doesn't make it any better gahh, a haircut did me well though

awesome Red scene hair... by http://www.dana-haircuts.xyz/scene-hair/red-scene-hair/

Red scene hair

Discover 15 amazing emo hairstyles idea and embrace the idea to be the talk of the town. emo is a kind of hairstyle that choosing the wrong one can destroy your entire look, so be careful.

((Fc:Evelyn Eclipse)) "Hey. I'm Jade. I love to dye my hair and I play guitar along with the violin. My older brother is Cody. Ummm I want to start a band but I still need members. Anyways, come say hi!" I giggle.

((Fc:Evelyn Eclipse)) hey I'm Jayy *giggles* that rhymes. Anyways I'm 16 & single. I like to listen to music & sing along with it. I also play drums!