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Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides johnny depp pirate fantasy humor funny comedy vehicles boats ship people men males boy actor nature tropical sky clouds landscapes beaches sand shore coast ocean sea waves trees palm


Fictional Character Crush: Captain Will Turner . Wasn't going to pin it because of the wrong spelling but it's Will Turner.


Fictional Character Crush Jack Frost Rise of The Guardians, Movie, his sister died thinking he died, and so did the rest of his family,

Peter Pan- fictional character crush

Peter Pan- fictional character crush// I wouldn't just say fictional character cuz Jeremy Sumpter is my life long crush

"Elizabeth...Wil you married me? ~ Will Turner'' "I do not think this is the best Time ~Elizabeth Swann. "Maybe is it the only time... I made my choice, what is yours? ~ Will Turner'' ''BARBOSSA....Married use! ~ Elizabeth Swann''

~ Will Turner'' "I do not think this is the best Time ~Elizabeth Swann. ~ Will Turner'' ''BARBOSSA.

* quotes 3 jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean potc nicole disneygif Disneyedit potcedit

"I've had it with wobbly-legged rum-soaked pirates!"  favorite movie out of the series and favorite quote ! <3

I've Had It With Wobbly-Legged Rum-Soaked Pirates ! Elizabeth shouting as the Jack, Will and Norrington fight.