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Jajajaj kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ~~~~ n/////////////n

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They're fish so it's not like they have vaginas. Go look up how different kinds of fish reproduce and maybe then it'll make more sense. Let's not act like a 12 year old shall we? :)

One Piece logic...

"Hey",the blonde's lips curved into a cheerful smile as he looked at me,"Why so down? Here,have one!",popping a lollipop in his mouth he then passed one to me. His smile never faded.   "Huh.."   "What? Come on,its candy! Nobody stays down with a candy in their mouths! "   I sighed and reluctantly took the lollipop from him and unintentionally,my lips turned into a soft smile.  "See?"   "..Shut up..."

Hello I'm Jack, age I love my sweets my friends and the ladies. I am sweet and if I like a girl I will offer her a lollipop.

me to most of my friends, and most of my friends to me

I'm short but I walk faster than all my friends so it's them who should be getting the roller skates but Idk if I can carry all that weight since there are like 7 of them