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You have nice hair zayn haha love shirt

Okay #alwaysinourheartszaynmalik is making it sound like he died and that makes me sad

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So baby hold on, cuz you make me strong.

I promise to dream of you every night and from this day until all days have ended, I promise to always speak to you before I sleep no matter if your ears are there to hear the words.

He's No Good (Çeviri) Zayn Malik - Chapter 8: Be my model

We miss you Zayn hope you go far in life we love you ❤️❤️

Baby running after you is like chasing the clouds ☁️

but imagine if Zayn didn't have Perrie, and finding you in the crowd like this, he thought “That's her;” what did I do, die


Which one of the One Direction boys will be your boyfriend?

This is the best GIF in life! "I can't dance" happy birthday liar

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Some things never change (Harry Styles of One Direction)

His t-shirt is SO right "all eyes on me" cause Zayn is HELLA hot

Dang Zayn, back at it again with being prettier than me haha

This is the reason I feel such a strong connection with zayn -Kacie somegirl I dont know but relatable Me too - me-amen y'all!! I've met him before. I'm 17. He spilt coffee all over me. To apologise (although my mind was was going "I'm never washing this shirt again") he took me to dinner!! 3 of the best hours of my life! Then I got to meet the other boys!!!!!

and then I start saying stupid things.


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Mr.Perfect. I wouldn't say he is perfect cause I like harry. But all y'all can say he is perfect.

Yessss all da boys are perfect

ice skated with harry, played board games with niall, went to the carnival with liam, and drove with Louis. be jealous

It was Totally awesome no big deal

His voice is ridiculous

Zayn Malik on stage in Massachusetts -

So paul quit!:( Thanks for looking after our boys:( apparently he had a fall out with zayn but I dont know<<is that true<<Its true:(<< We'll miss you Paul!

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Zayn Malik and Paul Higgins

its okay.. i snore too<3

Zayn: "My camera senses are tingling.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik with black umbrella

haha but queen, you must make sure you fill out the 'sass queen eye contact sheet' first!! Lol

One Direction meeting Queen Elizabeth.