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Auta minua tekemään itse

Help me to do it myself

torre rosa montessori 1

Torre Rosa Montessori - como fazer e porque usar

torre rosa montessori 1



The Guide walks about the room, slowly and with calm focus so that she will not distract or disturb the children in their work. She repeats this routine a few times a day, deliberately choosing a different route each time, in order to make herself available to the child that might need some scaffolding in …

A Gentle Reminder of the Beauty of Silent Observation… ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪

De Roze Toren

De Roze Toren

Here are some posts that can help you create a Montessori-friendly home.

How to Create a Montessori-Friendly Home

LOTS of resources and ideas for creating a Montessori-friendly home (including ideas for a variety of ages)

Montessori Quotes

Love this post on the true meaning of Montessori.  What is Montessori Really on ChildLedLife.com

What is Montessori...Really

What is Montessori.Really - Child Led Life

Room ideas

Spotlight on Montessori - Dr Steven Hughes & Matt Hillis on Insight, Capitol Public Radio

Deb Chitwood (Living Montessori Now)'s post on Parenting | Latest updates on Sulia

Thanksgiving Grace and Courtesy - Montessori-inspired ideas for helping children learn holiday manners and feel comfortable at family gatherings

“What do you think?” “I’m sure you will do the right thing.” “Do you have any ideas?” “How might that work?”

Trust and understanding are vital in developing a child's self-management skills. Find out how Montessori education encourages such a foundation:

Why the world embraces the Montessori Method

Our expert offers a better understanding of the education philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori at the end of the century, and how it continues to benefit students today.


a reflection on how we talk to parents.

montessori pink tower

AMS photo of the Pink Tower.

Independence: The Birthplace of Self-Esteem

"Montessori Madness!" A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education (cool fast draw video by Trevor Eissler #Montessori

Curious about montessori, this cute video explains it quickly Trevor Eissler "Montessori Madness!