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You're all beautiful. No matter what anyone says. You'll find that certain person who will treat you right.

For the girls who have it hard but don't let any one know that. For the girls who never win and may never win. For the girls who pray things will workout just once.

Enjoy indeed ღ

I always try to remember that in the end, the little things end up being the big things. It's all about the ordinary moments of everyday life.

Over time you forget to think about it so you kinda grow complacent to it. Once they're gone you remember every little detail.

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I fell in love with you for all the wonderful things you are and do. for your beautiful heart! I love you and I will never forget the reasons why!

Cherish your child and every moment with them...you never know when the moments will come to an end.

Weekend Inspiration: On Children and Material Things

This is true - there are just a few material things my parents gave me that I really remember. What I really remember is what a great childhood I had because of the love and encouragement I got from both of my parents. I'm a lucky girl.

Relationship+Comics | Kim is in 1997 oorlede, maar Stefano is nog steeds besig met die ...

Onthou jy nog?

love is sharing every precious moment you can together, because life is short and so always remeber how wonderful it was,.

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This is so true. How dare anyone try to get between a mother and her child. Parenting is one of the hardest things in life. Kids deserve the best out of their parents, not constant mistakes and selfishness. Protect the children!

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27 Truly Unfortunate Advertising Fails

How & where you place your ads & logos do matter. These bad ad placement are funny as hell! Advertisements that need their money back!

Family Rules Wall Art

Framed print with inspirational quotes. Product: Wall artConstruction Material: Paper, frame and MDFFeatures: Inverse framed print on paper mounted on MDFReady to hang Dimensions: H x W

Your Brain on Hugs + Free Printable - Somewhat Simple | Hugs are a simple way to show affection, but they actually do so much more than that!

Your Brain on Hugs + Free Printable

Your Brain on Hugs + Free Printable - Somewhat Simple | Hugs are a simple way to show affection, but they actually do so much more than that!

I don't have kids myself (yet), but I love this idea and kind of want to take most of these photos with my mom.  Never too old for mom and daughter pictures, right?  :)

Mother's Day Printables + Embrace the Camera

Embrace the Camera 50 Photos to Take With Your Kids + Free Photo Checklist - simple as that