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Paphiopedilum bellatulum | Orchids Online

Paphiopedilum bellatulum | Orchids Online


Pink orchids and butterfly - Orchid & butterflies, what a lovely pairing; Look at God's amazing design in camouflaging this butterfly!

Dactylorhiza Orchids

10 Most Unusual Flowers


Blue orchid ~ I have never tried growing orchids, but this would be the best one to grow in my (garden)! I've never seen a blue one till now. Just breathtaking!

Monkey orchids

"Orchis Simia" -- also known as the 'Monkey Orchid' Look at those terrifying yet adorable faces! This is the craziest looking plant I have ever seen!

Fungus...so unusual...

Herrania sp, Sterculiaceae ~ the Wild Cocoa plant. It's a prime example of the botanical term 'Cauliflory', where the tree wastes no energy producing branches, but shoots the flowers out of its trunk.

Kohleria Sunsine Orchids

Kohleria 'Sunsine' orchids I personally don't like pink but I like the pattern on these flowers.

Flower by Athby..., via Flickr

Orchids - one of the most beautiful flowers - symbolize the Divine Feminine aspect of Twin Flame love. I never knew, They are one of my most favorite flowers. I always referred to them as mine, Also Standing for "Refined Beauty" *n*

Chocolate #Orchids #Orchid

Chocolate Orchids Orchid at the Winter Carnival Orchid Show at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, St.

While recently battling to repot a Cymbidium, I told myself - 'No more Cyms!'  I'd make an exception, I think, for one this color!

flowersgardenlove: Orange Orchids Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers - Gardening Go