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Transportation - Photos - Peugeot Cycles EDL122 Concept e-Bike

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Vortex collection

New Hansgrohe product: Axor Starck V Collection - HomeWorldDesign


’ The Tomorrow Collective – Inspired by the past, to enable living in the future. In a time when the single person is becoming more and

Anti-Fly Glass Sphere  It is typical to see hanging bags of water in markets, taco kiosks and food stalls across Mexico—the rationale being that the refraction of light against the water will confuse and scare away insects, especially flies and other bugs with compound, faceted eyes. This resourceful custom led Mexico City-based designer José de la O to come up with a more elegant solution, utilizing lightweight, borosilicate glass.  Rather than catching flies with unsightly plastic sticky…

Anti-Fly Glass Sphere

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Details we like / Air Free Tyre / Bridgestone / Layers / Green / at Extraordinary Wheels


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Michael Anastassiades Copycat lamp for Flos

Michael Anastassiades designs spherical Copycat light for Flos

"Two spheres capture a perfect moment as if they just rolled on the table and simply met at that point." - Michael Anastassiades describes his Copycat lamp.

"Faisceaux" par Nicolas Corad - Salon Révélations

Mobilier d'exposition rencontre étudiants et métal Pouenat

"Faisceaux" par Nicolas Corad - Salon Révélations