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Culinary Herbs Prints Set of 2 | Crate and Barrel

Culinary Herbs Prints Set of 2 | Crate and Barrel

Sea Layers Print | Crate and Barrel

A study of motion, texture and pattern, this painting by Alexandra White gives fluid form to underwater plants in constant motion.

anne lindberg - thread installations

installation work by American artist Anne Lindberg. This work is part of a group show, titled Placemakers, (Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska from January 13 – March

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Hidden Path Print

Recalling time spent wandering as a child through a thicket of trees that surrounded her home, artist Alexandra Carter recreates the memory as a hazy stand of trees.

#sculpture + “Paz seja tua marca, e abençoados sejam teus frutos!  Será um ano de imensa paz!  Porque há pessoas como tu, que estão dispostas a isso! ” (Gi Stadnicki)  E todos os dias ficarei tão feliz que incomodarei os outros! O importante é incomodar... rs rs http://lucimarsbarreto.blogspot.com.br/2013/02/o-importante-e-incomodar.html?spref=fb Citações (livros filmes músicas) - esperança = humildade  Felicidade = sucesso sabedoria fé

This stunning piece of artwork erected by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, stands on the spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested 50 years ago. The monument is constructed out of 50 separate steel bars to represent 50 years since the capture.

Further Woodland Print

The contrast between the dark opaque color and the transparent shapes and white background lends a dynamic, optical effect.