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when the cat is quitetly napping in the window, you know the world's at peace.

Watching the Snow

The inevitability of a cat and a window--kitty watching the snow fall Today is Quebec's first snow !

Steve's genius idea, a teepee for Kitty!! Here she is, checking out the neighbours after moving into her new house

Pet Waki A teepee designed for small to medium pets by PetWaki

Appreciating Spring Air

Appreciating Spring Air

Det kan vara så att världens sötaste kattunge är funnen http://blish.se/53c21f563e #katter #kattunge #djur #husdjur

If you're a dog person, you might get a bit skeptical about this post. Just another cute kitten hitting the internet, right? But seriously - isn't Daisy just

C'est dimanche je fais la siéste

'Sunday Morning Paper' by Jennifer S. Natural light, Canon silly cat having fun in my morning newspaper, converted to black and white favorites)

Sleepy kitty

Sleepy kitty

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