We all do it...but, maybe we have to take the perspective that we are ACTUALLY  dancing...and that's the gift.

Stacey (one of the dancers I know) once told the summer class I was in 4 Nutcracker, "A lot of perfectionists flock to ballet and think they can perfect it, but ballet can't be perfected. I can't remember it exactly

We are our worst critic:

Dance Problems

The only thing i do when i watch myself dance. Not "That was a nice jump!" More like "ewww my back foot wasn't pointed hard enough" and when i watch it with my friends who don't dance they get so mad because they think it looked good!

Little Dance Things those of you in break of reality heard a few of them from me. hah.

One time during an acro routine a girl In the dance did a press handstand and farted so loud the judges started laughing!