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Pin for Later: Harlow, Sage, and Indi Will Melt Your Heart

Harlow, Sage, and Indi Will Melt Your Heart

Can you imagine life without your best friend? The reality of this was difficult of Harlow after her sister Sage passed away. Luckily, after a long interview process Harlow found Indiana–just see what fun ensues.

awwwww.............. got to love kittens (like all babies.... why do they have to grow up? #cattips - More at Catsincare.com!

Different Grey Cat Breeds

What is it. It a hand must shake hand. ADORABLE!!!

A Caring and Supportive Dad won’t leave Mamas Side as their kids are being born

Cat logic always works…

Cat logic always works…

Crazy cat chasing a red ballon on the ceiling. I can see no way in which this carefully laid plan could ever fail.

You missed a spot.

Why Do Cats Meow At Humans

Monday Blahs!

A Boxer's tongue.a thing of beauty to behold! It gives the very best kisses in the world. Love my boxer. My old boxer had the longest tongue ever.

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Funny pictures about Cats Using Computers. Oh, and cool pics about Cats Using Computers. Also, Cats Using Computers.

What an unusual and fantastic looking furr baby!!!!!  I love you Darley!

My next addition to the family will be : a White Maine Coon. I had a Maine Coon/orange tabby mix named Mellow who's been missing for a year this May Sweetest cat I ever had. I will have me another one day♥: Cats, Beautiful Cat, Kitty Cat, Pretty

Smile!   (KO) What a sweetie this little guy is!  He/She is adorable. Wish I could give him a hug and a big smooch on the nose.

baby animals donkeys are some of the cutest animals. 15 Reasons Why Baby Animal Photos Are Better Than Real Babies Baby An.



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If you wear black you aren't just a shadow of other people you are a human who deserve the same respect as the people who think they are "normal" and you not. If we wear black we aren't sad everytime we can smile and be happy. Just don't judge us!