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Lessons In Islam: Muslim Mother ~ My Mother isn't Muslim but she raised me to Praise,and Thank God EVERY DAY. I can only wish to be as Righteous as her.

The obedience does not have the meaning that the tongue, “Yes Sir, very well and all right”, says, but the heart makes up the mind to do against it. Then Messenger of Allah Almighty is being instructed, “Trust in Allah Almighty. What He wishes to do, He does it. Neither He needs any help of someone, nor does He care for any opposite. He is Sufficient to complete all tasks. Believe in Him”

Who Plans Against Prophet, is Conspirator

Dua for Protection from all serious and life-threatening illnesses: "Allah humma inni AA-oothu bika minal junoo-ni wal juthaami wal barasi wa sayyi-il asqaam." Oh Allah, I seek Your refuge from insanity, mutilation, leprosy and from all serious illnesses.

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Best Quotes, Muhammad