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What is the point of living, if all you have is death?

Basically how i feel after reading those books. The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials The Death Cure Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Chuck

Ok was that last one really necessary

Newt runner The Glue crank dead I don't like saying Newt is dead it makes me ball my eyes out, see I'm baking my eyes out right now

Newtmas... Mhm i can't say i don't ship it...<<<<<problems of a compulsive shipper

Read 36 from the story Funny Maze Runner and Newtmas Pictures by bemynewtiecutie (Mrs. every Newtmas edit ha.

I was okay. I was heartbroken and a little teary-eyed watching this part, but I was okay... And then I saw Newt crying and I started bawling

Yes I just cried at Chuck's death in the book even though I've seen the film and knew it was coming. It wasn't his actual death te broke me, it was that Thomas said "I promised him! I promised him if get him home!