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VAIO Computers | 37 Insanely Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings

Brand Logos With Subliminal Messages. This Sony logo represents the brand's integration of both digital and analog technology. The "VA" is designed to represent an analog waveform and the "IO" symbolizes binary code.

ポスター おしゃれ に対する画像結果

Flight Tag PrintsRecently I stumbled on a lovely set of old airline baggage tags and was amazed at the variety in designs produced since the There was something about the now iconic, easily reconisable three letter abbreviations of the city desti&

Cactus Cat Logo

Cactus Cat Logo

Logo design for Cactus Cat, a film production company in Austin, Texas. I really wanted to find a way to subtly combine a cactus and a cat. I feel like this solution isn't a clear representation .

MunArt - The most complete web site dedicated to Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari "Macchine Inutili" (Uselles Machines) in MunArt ~ Mobiles

Logo Design | TOI Design | North Edge Construction

Client loved the modern, techy savvy look to this, 2 colors, and BOLD fonts, conceptual 2 ideas in one icon